Variegated Ivy


Variegated Ivy

Variegated Ivy is a great choice if you are looking for a creeper plant. Ivy does love the sun but doesn’t love being in full sunlight so you will need to find the right balance to keep your plant happy. Their two tone leaf colours and ability to climb can transform a balance space. The PLC Group Perth team loves incorporating different styles of plants to suit their clients landscapes.

Vegetable planter boxes from seedlings



We can all get inpatient waiting for our herb & vegetable garden to grow, that’s why I prefer to start my garden off by planting existing seedlings to get a little head start. Using organic vegetable soil and keeping the soil damp in the warm weather ensures I will have great produce to enjoy this summer!
The PLC group team has incorporated many vegetable planter boxes into our clients landscaping projects!

Orange Trees

Orange trees.png

Orange trees

The great thing about adding orange tree’s to your Perth garden landscaping is when your plants are withering in winter your orange tree’s are blooming! Not only does it provides delicious fruit to enjoy it also adds pops of orange to brighten any garden. This is our gardens tree this winter!

Plant selection TIPS



There are many factors to consider when selecting the right plants for your garden. Environment and soil condition will determine what type of plants will best thrive in your garden and the style you will be able to achieve. It is important to choose plants that suit your lifestyle so that your the garden is maintainable and doesn’t become a chore. PLC Group Perth offers the service of plant selection and garden reticulation to meet all your landscaping needs.

How to add colour to your garden

Plant selection

Little Ruby

If your looking at adding colour to you garden and wanted to try something different then flowers then little ruby’s are prefect. With their bright burgundy foliage this ground cover can be planted on it own as a feature or clumped together to make a low full hedge. This plant thrives in humidity and can be planted in full sun light. Apart of PLC Group Perths landscaping service is offering plant selection to all their clients.

keeping your garage dry

Channel Drains by PLC Group Perth


Channel drains are designed to be placed in area’s that get a lot of storm water build up, this is commonly at the entrance point to your garage. Channel drains work as a catchment point directing the water to an under ground soakwell system preventing flood areas. PLC Group Perth offer’s the service of channel drain installation as well as cutting the drains into existing brick pavers or concrete area’s. PLC Group Perth also installs soakwell systems.

How to growing potato's in Planter bags

Planting PLC .png

Growing Potato’s in bags!

What you need to do:
Place a planter bag in a spot were it will receive full sunlight.
Place potato's at the bottom of the bag. Fill the bag with soil half way. Water regularly. Watch for them to sprout, as they grow larger continue to place more soil into the bags. Beware of pest’s getting into your bags. In a few months they should be ready to harvest.

Back yard lettuce tips



Simply purchase a bag of gardening potting mix and some lettuce seeds.
Divide six small holes on the surface of the potting mix bag, then gently sow two seeds into soil for each cut out on bag.
Keep soil damp and apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks.
Place your bag of potting mix in a sunny positution.
At the end of eight weeks you should have crispy lettuces to enjoy!