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When picking the right reticulation system for your garden
It's important to have a planned system that is designed to meet Perth’s hot climate and current water restrictions.
The team at PLC will complete water pressure tests from your home that will ensure your lawn is getting the correct coverage and guaranteeing that your lawn is receiving enough millimetres of water with each watering cycle.
Water Amount
We combine the right reticulation system with your area's water requirements to keep your lawn hydrated and happy.
Reticulation repairs
If you need a new a reticulation system installed or an existing reticulation system repaired PLC can help.
Lost solenoids
Need a solenoid located in your garden? The team at PLC Group can locate missing solenoids for you.


Nothing beats that new natural lawn feel. It's a great way to fill spaces in the garden as well as creating colour and texture. It really does give that final touch to any outdoor space while helping to keep the garden cool in summer.
Roll on lawn
PLC uses a special blend of soils and a unique mixing method to create a subbase that will give your lawn the healthiest start possible.
New lawn, New reticulation
Once you have new lawn installed its important to have a reticulation system installed with it to ensure it's getting the correct amount of water especially in the first few weeks.
Once the lawn has been laid we provide our clients with the correct steps to ensure that their new lawn continues to thrive in its new environment.

Watch the PLC Group Perth team at work on a irrigation and lawn project below!

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reticulation systems
Reticulation Perth


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